How to report errors

Email me at with the subject Coriolis Errata. Please don't email me Mickey Mouse corrections of my French translation: e.g. if I've translated "une droite menée par le point E" as "a straight line passing through the point E", don't tell me that I should have said "a straight line drawn through the point E." If I've made a substantial error in rendering the French or introduced an error when I changed an equation from the original or missed a correction that should have been made to the original, naturally I'd like to know about it. I will attribute your correction to you in this errata list unless you ask that I not do so.

Thanks very much to Mr R. Raiford for pointing out a couple of my errors in reproducing the figures, a clear error in the text, and the murkiness (and possibly mistaken-ness) of the exposition on pp. 24-25:

Corrected figure 2

Corrected figures 23-24

Errata list for Mathematical Theory of Spin, Friction, and Collision in the Game of Billiards as of 10 March 2007