A little more bio on David Nadler, the translator

Alas, my poor cat Missy! A little while after the book went to press in late October 2005, she suffered from kidney failure and I had to put her down. After many years of bereavment, in January 2012, I got two little three month old kittens from the San Francisco Animal Shelter, a female orange tabby named Pumkin and a male smoke long-hair mix named Beauregard.

I am employed in the world of quantitative finance in San Francisco.

My Ph.D. thesis was about the ergodic theory of continuous multi-parameter stochastic processes. The big part of it was that I proved Abramov's Theorem in this settting, which relates the entropy of a smoothly reparametrized process to that of the orginal process.

The year I finshed I didn't quite make the spring filing deadline for my thesis, but still managed to get a two-year job teaching at UCLA. I wound up taking a leave in the spring of the first year of my two-year stint at UCLA to teach at Stanford. Lacking a fecund mathematical imagination, I then turned to the world of software engineering for my survival.