Caution! Before you buy...

I certainly don't want to discourage you from buying my book. I do want to discourage you from buying it and returning it. It's certainly not for everybody -- it's not even for everybody who wants to read a systematic explanation of the physics of billiards.

This is likely the first ever such systematic explanation. The first version of anything is never the most elegant, and it cannot be emphasized enough that the present work is a case in point. Mathematical exposition has become quite a bit more polished in the one hundred seventy or so years that have come between the present and the first publication of Coriolis's work. This book is a difficult read -- be ready for what somebody called "steaming heaps of equations." Here's a sample page specially chosen to intimidate you.

The original book contained two other essays on mechanics. Those essays are NOT included in the present translation.

It was inevitable that I would add my some of my own mistakes to this work. There is already an errata list: so far it has only two errata. Peering into my crystal ball, I see this situation changing in the near future.